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Our Story

Aquavit was created and opened by Hakan Swahn in 1987 and has firmly established itself as the dining destination in New York.

In an art gallery-like space, Aquavit features furniture by Scandinavia’s leading designers and creates a refined and stylish, yet warm and welcoming atmosphere. Aquavit represents Modern Nordic Cuisine, which is further being developed and recognized through its two-Michelin star chef, Emma Bengtsson.

In October of 2008, Aquavit opened its doors in Japan, where the gorgeous restaurant is located in Kita-Aoyama with direct access from Gaienmae station.

Our Cuisine

東京都北青山・外苑前 アクアヴィット

The simple cooking of fresh ingredients including seafood, vegetables, and meats, and the traditional curing techniques for long winter, such as smoking, sun-drying, salting, pickling, and fermenting collaborates well with the French technique and sophisticated New York essence. Aquavit distinct modern Nordic cuisine, the amazing harmony of sourness, saltiness, and sweetness as well as the texture of the cuisine, is favored by the Japanese palate. Please indulge yourself with the beautiful Nordic cuisine and the unique dining experience.